About Us

Mettle + Moxie is an online women’s clothing boutique. It’s a family business! The collection is curated and styled by Amber Rogerson who has always had a love of art and design. She grew up painting, weaving and sewing and majored in textile design at NCSU. She was a graphic designer and Creative Director for a design firm for 7 years after graduating, but began longing for more creativity and freedom in her life. She and her husband, Lance launched their clothing business in 2014 with a direct sales company and began selling maxi skirts at in home pop up shops. As the business grew, she began carrying more and more product and shortly after the birth of her third son, in 2018, she and her husband Lance expanded their business and birthed Mettle and Moxie!

At Mettle + Moxie our goal is to help women feel brave, fierce and simply THEMSELVES! We believe all women have a little mettle and moxie in them and sometimes just need a good fitting dress to help them find it and feel confident. We value product that is made in the USA and we strive to support artisans in the US and around the globe.


a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.


force of character, determination, or nerve.